The rapid development process in the information and communication technologies have continued to provide important contributions into marketing discipline just like any other field. Especially as a result of that the social media has started to be used by significant number of internet users extensively, creativity has come forward in the field of marketing, and emerged on-line communication channels to provide interactive communication with target audience. Thus, not only the communication channels between individuals and companies have improved but also the companies have gained easier facilities to reach more people. In order to use social media as an active communication channel, social networks should be adapted into the marketing strategies as an innovative way. In this study, use of social media as an innovative marketing channel in automotive sector which has significant amount of share in the export rate of Turkey and the factors affecting the performance of these channels have been analyzed. In this framework, Facebook, Twitter and instagram accounts of the companies in the sector have been examined by means of the content analysis on the bases of technical, visual and organizational performance factors and the findings have been evaluated.

Keywords: Social Media, Social Media Scale, Marketing Communication, Innovative Communication Channel, Automotive Sector

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