Tourism, Technology, Food Industry And Transportation

TDMI (Turkish Design Management Institute) sees tourism as a young sector as a tool for social development. After World War II, tourism spread to all countries and turned into a strong industry; It has become a process of planning and actions that increase prosperity in countries, regions and cities. The tourism industry puts people in the center and creates a large area of employment by generating around $ 1.5 trillion / year turnover with more than 50 SMEs sectors in the world. Turkey has a successful management experience in this regard.

TDMI sees Industry and Technology at the center of development. In Turkey, started with mixed Economy in the establishment (public + private) model of industrialization, has evolved into a successful period with Small industrial sites, Organized Industrial Zones, Free Trade Zone   and Technology Development center. In the past 100 years in the process of extending the public-private sector cooperation mixed economy where Turkey reached the regional industrialization, professional development, human resources, professional associations and civil society governance, democracy and improving social rights in a liberal economy and experienced in the construction of social community pyramid positive and their negative experiences are exemplary in many respects. Turkey’s widening range of agricultural production in this context, investment in irrigation management, clean food production, seed breeding and food technology are strategically important in terms of future research.

TDMI considers suburb and urban commercial and civil transportation and logistics management in all countries as a matter of particular importance in terms of efficiency in the economy. Commercial and civil transportation on Roads, Airways and Railways; investment and operating processes, resource costs (space, time, money, people, comfort) focuses on the evaluation. Turkey’s experience in this area is capable compared with different applications.