Who We Are/ About Us

TDMI (Turkish Design Management Institute) is concerned with the Welfare of the Community, Country Development, Tourism, Agriculture, Technology and Transportation, Economic and Social Development. For this purpose, it conducts researches, organizes panels and conferences, and advises public and private organizations and local governments. Efficient Public and Enterprise Management, Investment Management, Tourism at the Country, Regional and Urban Scale, Industry, Transportation Planning, Engineering, Technology and Agricultural Development and Investment Development, Crisis Management, Promotion and Marketing, Productivity Control Policies in Public Resources, Management of Professional and Civil Organizations , Social Responsibility Projects, National and International Management Consultancy and Academic Studies.

TDMI evaluates the Strengths and Weaknesses, Potentials, Problems and Threats of Countries, Regions, Sectors, Cities and Organizations and aims to ensure harmonious integration between Policy and Environment. Develops design and management models for better product, better service, better management and happier society by establishing time-cost-quality balance between the needs of private enterprises and public administrations with the authority-responsibility and opportunities of the society. Designs harmonious management of different disciplines and different roles for specific objectives.