The biggest step for family businesses is the institutionalizing which offer to carry out the activities of companies in terms of development. However, family businesses are generally adopted “one-man management, they do not positive about an idea of institutionalization. This situation leads to delays towards the professionalization, and institutionalization is necessary to maintain the continuity of the company. Exports of the company is a major factor for the growth of the national economy. Therefore, institutionalization of family companies is becoming much more important. Institutionalized companies need to grow and to increase the rate of profit by exporting their products to opened foreign markets. After joining to market share abroad, companies should increase their share in foreign markets. Institutionalization is the most important factor in this increase and institutionalization has other positive effects on firms to increase their export rates. In this study, family-owned companies around Burdur and Bucak Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) used as a study material by the survey method and obtained data were analyzed using statistics program. Analysis results showed that the family-owned company increased their exports capacities after the institutionalization.

Key Words: Family Business, Institutionalization, Exports

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